Meet our team

Our network consists of transnational Romani women professionals from various fields such as academia, health, law, political science, communication, arts and beyond.

Alba Hernandez

Founder & Gender Equality Expert

Marina Csikós

Founder & Gender Equality Expert

Maria Dumitru Ruiz

Founder & Roma Academic

Florentina-Alexandra Manea

PR & Communication Manager

Hajdi Barz

Imola Rubina Malek

Master Economist-Financial advisor-Human Rights & feminist activist in Hungary

Justyna Matkowska


Maria Luiza Medeleanu

Education Expert 

Maria Atanasova

Political Scientist & Activist

Milena Reljić


Miljana Cabrilovski

Human Rights activist

Sara Macêdo Kali

Researcher & Popular lawyer for landless people

Terezia Rostas

Teacher & Cultural Consultant

Ramóna Fábri


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