Call for poems and writing pieces on the topic of gender-based violence!

According to a UN Women report, in Serbia 92% of Roma women have experienced some type of physical or sexual violence since the age of 18.

We are calling on Roma individuals, poets, and writers to share their thoughts and feelings on this very important issue.

  • 100 EUR honorarium for 5 winners

  • DEADLINE: November 18

    Gender-based violence against Roma women and girls unfortunately receives little attention still both in the communities, national and international levels. We believe that in order to bring positive changes to our communities and societies, we must fight against violence against women and girls.

    In order to shift narratives and raise Roma women voices, we are welcoming poems and any writing pieces from Roma artists/poets, in which gender-based violence is being discussed and expressed. We are looking for artworks which focus on the experiences of Roma women and girls (including trans, bisexual, queer women, etc.).

    We also receive anonymous pieces, and we will pay attention to anonymity in case it is needed. We will choose 5 writings and we will award 100EUR honorarium for each piece. Moreover, the writings will be published on our social media and website.

    Send us your artwork/writing to our email address: